Welcome to Digital Shipwright

The Digital Shipwright is a site dedicated to Naval Engineering Technology. As this website grows, you will find engineering data, blueprints, and historical performance data for many types warships.

This site examines the problems that faced Naval Engineers and the complex, and often brilliant ways, in which they solved them. Even more impressive is that many of these complex systems were conceived, designed, and built without the aid of modern computing devices. It is to these brilliant pioneers, engineers in the truest sense, that this site is dedicated.

Many of the blueprints available here come from other great websites like the Historic Naval Ships Association (HNSA) while others come from various dedicated ship websites. A great number of these drawings were converted from large image files available on the National Archives website.

For the most part, the drawings here are shipyard reference blueprints. These blueprints were not meant to be the basis for costruction or modification, but for general arrangement. Construction blueprints, which have detailed data necessary to construct components, are very rare. Some of the drawings posted here do approach the level of detail required for a craftsman to build a component, bust most drawings of this type were not saved and archived.

All of the drawings here were obtained from publicly available sources online or by myself personally through the United States Navy and the National Archives. As such, all of these documents are Public Domain and may be freely redistributed.